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Scott Angel is a compassionate spiritual counselor, advisor, psychic, life coach and after- life communicator. His spiritual gifts have been active since the age of eight. He has been working as a full-time advisor since 2004 with an impeccable 5 star rating.

Scott's consistent and reliable connection to his spirit guide offer him visual and auditory symbols from the spirit world, which he easily translates into practical guidance for you. With his gentle but straightforward style, Scott will give you clear answers and advice, to some of your most pressing relationship, business or emotional issues. He is also able to connect with loved ones who have passed over, which may often provide comfort and closure for the friends and family of the departed.

Mr. Angel is blessed to have worked with over 2500 clients from 27 countries around the world. His spiritual mission is to offer you clarity, support, and assistance on your earthly journey. Scott is available for spirit-led phone readings and life coaching. He also offers workshops on a variety of topics including: developing your own spiritual gifts, finding your life's purpose and strengthening your relationship through better communication.

Scott Angel can be heard on his internet radio show, "Walking the Spiritual Life-Path," at blogtalkradio.com/Scott-Angel, on Fridays from 7:00-9:00pm, where he offers a weekly topic with time for call-in questions.

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E-Mail Scott to book a reading/coaching session, or order his first E-Book Scottangel2k5@gmail.com (copy and paste email address)

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I found Scott by chance on Blog Talk Radio and as I listened to him, I decided that I wanted to talk to him as I had been feeling somewhat unbalanced. Scott was unlike anyone I’d talked to, as he was able to put into words exactly what it was that I was feeling. He didn’t stop there. He walked me through what I already knew I had to change. His validation of my thoughts was like new breath in me. I was able to make the changes I needed to make, and I felt as if the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.

I knew that Spirit had led me to Scott and I knew that he could help me on this path of growth that I was on. I needed someone that I could talk to who would not judge me for my life choices so I reached out to him to schedule my first coaching appointment. I had no idea what my “coaching” with Scott would be but I was open to whatever reason it was that Spirit had put him in my path. I cannot convey how much these coaching sessions have changed my life. No longer do I feel like a leaf being carried through life by the wind. Scott has truly partnered with me and has helped me to view life through the lens of my spirituality.

He asks questions and challenges me to meet up to my own expectations for the greater good, not to the expectations of those around me. I have finally realized that I am made just the way that spirit intended me to be and for that I am forever grateful to Scott.

Because of his coaching, I am able to approach my life with the confidence and peace of mind that I am as worthy as anyone to live with the abundance that this life has to offer. Scott truly has a gift of compassion and I know that through living his life with purpose, he can help so many others do the same.

-Millie. KY

For the past few months, I've been getting spiritual life coaching sessions with Scott. During this time, I've acomplished more than I had during years of traditional therapy. With his psychic gifts, Scott is able to pinpoint the spirtual and psychological reasons for issues in my life, and has given me practical advice for overcoming them. I really look forwards to our weekly sessions, and I feel like I am really making progress towards living the best life I can.

-Grace. Toronto, ON

I've made remarkable changes in my personal life and work life as result of my coaching sessions with Scott. My confidence seems to grow with each session. I've become much more clear about my true nature and potential. I have much more energy and I feel much lighter in spirit. Scott has taught me to use my energy to generate more positive energy into the world. I'm so pleased with the results that I've had in such a short amount of time. Scott's support has truly changed my life.

- Michelle, California

Scott has an absolutely amazing talent, of bringing forwardthe most relevant underlying currents to situations, that can seem utterly elusive to the person who is experiencing them. Once revealed, his ability to work as a life coach,has had a profound impact on my own personal motivation and business plan. Two thumbs up ;)

-Christopher Cook, LMT

Since beginning my life coaching sessions with Scott a month ago, I have noticed that he has served as a catalyst for change. With insight and compassion, he has guided me on how to shift my perception and see things in a different light. He has helped allay my fears and expand my thinking, thereby allowing me to be more confident and perform better in recent job interviews. Working with Scott on a weekly basis, along with completing his homework assignments and reading his blog, has given me a much-needed boost during a transitional period of my life. I look forward to covering more ground in our future sessions, which, by the way, are very reasonably priced. With Scott by my side, I feel hopeful as I prepare for the next stage of my life. Thanks to his psychic and counseling abilities, I believe that my future will be bright.

-Mary. Ontario, Canada.

I have known Scott since 2009. I can say he genuinely cares for the well-being of his clients, and he encourages everyone to live authentically and from their true selves. He has helped me tune into my own intuition better as he picks things up psychically from people. I can verify what I am sensing by running it by him and his objective/yet intuitive view of things. Also, when dealing with Men, he has helped me sharpen up my intuition and understanding of "Guy Language". He also informs me of what the other person may be going through in their thoughts, intentions and likely future actions. All this has been very helpful.

We have also gone through life coaching exercises and the patterns of personal behavior that may attract certain experiences to us that requires attention and change. When talking to Scott, you need to have an open-mind and a willingness to look at your own actions and thoughts and take personal responsibility. He has been a great guide for me over the years! Thank You Scott!

-Shiva, Ontario, Canada


Sessions are for adults 18 years and older. Information that is presented in a session is not meant to replace legal, medical, business, tax, psychological, or any other service or advice. The information provided in a session is meant to clarify situations and aid the client in the process of making better life choices for happiness, fulfillment, and personal healing. Clients are always free to make their own choices regardless of their interpretation of the information presented. Scott Angel and/or anyone connected to him shall not be held liable for any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to information, which has been presented during a session. If you are facing any major decision or change in your life, it is recommended that you seek medical, legal, financial, psychiatric, or other appropriate professional to assist you. For legal purposes, every session must be considered as entertainment only.

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